Monday, May 25, 2009

MGL M32 - Multiple Grenade Launcher

The phrase of the day today folks is this: Force Multiplier.

As defined by Wikipedia:

A force multiplier is a term referring to a factor that dramatically increases (hence “multiplies”) the effectiveness of a group or unit. The term was originally used by the military to describe elite units, such as Special Forces, that could be used to increase the effectiveness of indigenous forces by training them to fight guerilla warfare, but the term has broadened in usage and is now used frequently outside the military domain.

The Milkor Mk32 MGL Multiple Grenade Launcher does exactly this. A single soldier is handed the ability to wreak havoc on a scale simply not possible before he was handed an MGL Mk32. For whatever reason, lets call it our reliance on technology; Western nations with smaller populations develop weapons which effectively work around our lack of manpower, and we make each man more powerful. Hence the multiplication of force. Like I always tell people wary of the galactic number of soldiers fielded by the PLA of China, what can 20 guys with Ak-47s do to one guy with a grenade machine gun? Nothing. It is most probable that they would be under the impression that they were under attack from multiple mortar teams, and would take cover.

Now picture multiple platoons of soldiers all armed with MGL Mk32s, and you’ve got yourself a situation that you probably would rather not get involved in; a deterrent force multiplier. Aside from being the first multiple grenade launcher, the MGL also sports all of the other high-technology you would expect with a futuristic weapon. A red-dot site, multiple variants with specialized ammunition, and all-weather and lightweight variants. You do the calculations, the MGL Mk32 is simply a force multiplier product that you don’t want to be divided by.

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