Tuesday, July 14, 2009

SELEX Galileo Awarded Contract For ENFORCER Weapon Stations

SELEX Galileo is pleased to announce the award of over 40 ENFORCER Remote Controlled Weapon Stations (RCWS) for installation on the Ridgeback fleet.

The contract will equip a substantial proportion of the latest generation of protected mobility vehicles with highly capable and operationally proven equipment giving enhanced survivability, observation and firepower to its users.

Building on SELEX Galileo's expertise as the principle provider of RCWS to the UK army with over 400 systems already delivered, the provision of ENFORCER on Ridgeback builds further on its competitive selection under the UK MoD's PANTHER programme and under the Challenger II and Bulldog UoR.

ENFORCER will be integrated into the SELEX Galileo Indirect Vision System already fitted to the Mastiff and Ridgeback Fleet offering enhanced situational awareness to the vehicle crew.

Colin Horner Vice President for Land Sales and Marketing said "We are extremely pleased that the MoD has chosen to enhance the capability of its latest generation of protected patrol vehicles with the selection of ENFORCER to meet this requirement. The intuitive nature of the system has already had real battle winning impact on current operations in both theatres of operation and the integration with the SELEX Galileo Indirect Vision System will provide all soldiers operating with Ridgeback a greater level of tactical situational awareness than previously available".

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